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I'm baaaaack!!

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Greg Stahl:
I'm back from Fiji.  Damn, what a trip.  So I arrived in Fiji on Feb 4, then COVID19 hit the USA and then it hit Fiji (we had 18 cases, all recovered and no virus on the island now).  Then Cat 4 TC Harold's eye passed by me at 30 KM and winds that I can't even describe, only to say that the winds were so strong that it actually RAINED inside my woodshop.  !2 days later we got electricity back, then the Government closed the borders.  Fiji Airways stopped all flying in and out of the country until end of June and then today announced no flights until September.....maybe. 

I contacted the US embassy in Suva and also my House of Representatives Congressman Jim Jordan.  Together with the Australian government, I got a repatriation flight to Sydney, then to San Francisco then to Detroit and then to Columbus Ohio.  Flying into Detroit, we were were on approach and 3 miles out, when another jet decided to land in front of us and we had to abort our landing.  So after 60 hours of travel, I'm back with my family.  It has been the wildest 4 months I ever spent in Fiji!!  Full of FIRSTS on many levels.

Duke Gilleland:
GREAT to have you back in the USA! [smiley=flag.jpg]

Cheryl Watson:
And Following on Facebook and Flight Aware LIVE was a lot of fun too! ;D ;D ;D

A Story filled with SUSPENSE, Action, and Live Updates!   ;D ;D ;D

Including all the guys with guns escorting Buses from Airports, and Guarding Hotel Floors to prevent the escape of any errant repatriates! 

Dumping of Food Stuffs, and more!   8-) 8-) 8-)

Dwayne Henson:
Glad your back

Greg Stahl:

--- Quote ---Glad your back
--- End quote ---
Did you get my email?  Need to talk to you about something important ASAP. If I donít get an email back, Iíll call you


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