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Cheryl Watson:
[size=12]I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy !!

Here in PA., the "Corona Madness" is ramping up daily !

Our Local Costco hit and ALL TIME record today for number of customers, and there are MANY BARE SHELVES!

Not a single package of TOILET PAPER, nor PAPER TOWELS is left in the building...†

Ditto on bottled water (Which causes me to shake my head and ask why?) Water is flowing fine from my faucets!!

Every member of my household is considered "high risk" so we are trying to plan accordingly here.

Now, if any of you WAGS folks manage to find ANY bottles of 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, you make sure you grab all of it and ship it to ME!!† 8-)

There aren't even any Alcohol pads anywhere, which are needed, for example, by folks with Diabetes, to administer insulin.........† (not here in my household, but others).

For the time being, I have a second choice back up, pictured below...
but if any one can find the 180 proof version, you should ship some to me!!† Here in Pennsyltucky, the law won't allow above the 151 proof!

Stay safe, and stay healthy everyone!

Joseph Durham:
I hope that everyone stays safe.†

My job changed a few months ago, and a job that I wanted finally came about, after trying for four years.† I am now a phlebotomist and a lab technician.† While I am more thankful for my job then anyone can understand, I am also rather troubled.† My job has never been more dangerous, with every pt I see, every tube of blood I draw, every room I enter.†

Do your best to stay safe, and do not put yourself in harms way.† If you donít need to go out and about, just donít.† Quarantine yourself the best that you can, within reason.†

Cheryl Watson:
[size=12]Since the beginning of "Flu Season", and since I was in an autoimmune deficient state, I have altered my excursions to, usually, late in the evening when fewer folks are in stores, I have been wearing a surgical mask to guard against "touch transference" ( I tend to be a face toucher), and nitrile gloves are on.† This was all 'before' the Corona Virus.† If the crowds appear too large(in the parking lots), I keep on driving by...

I have begun using Walmart Grocery pickup... they bring it to me, including any in store orders, and I only need to worry about contact with one person.

Amazon, and Walmart online ordering rules the day! Shipped.† (and now all boxes stay outside on the porch, and get a Lysol treatment before being touched. :) )

I am hoarding the few N95 masks that I have..........

Unfortunately, the other 2 members of the household have to go to a job every day, and in January 2019, one of them brought type A home, and I ended up hospitalized.† :(

P.S.† - When I worked my way thru college, one of my jobs was a phlebotomist and lab tech "assistant" in Hematology, Chemistry, and Microbiology Labs at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center.† That was a LOT of years ago, and before a lot of regulations were in place.... But... They had me doing things that even then,† were required to be performed by a Certified Lab Tech only. (I was NOT a Certified Lab Tech for sure!). Finally I moved on to a safer job (for me).† :)


Duke Gilleland:
Know the feeling. Working 30 years on a max. security prison unit, you NEVER let your guard down when it came to highly infectious disease!† Treated EVERYONE like they had something.
26 years in maintenance, raw sewage was a daily issue. Got one "state paid" series of hepatitis series vac.., then they became "denied" in the later years. Personal insurance would not pay as they said it was a workman's comp issue.
The Everclear...Looks like you gonna BURN it out, one way or the other [smiley=kaioken.gif]† :o  [smiley=food-smiley-022.gif]

Paul Okarma:
I went to Price Chopper for my usual Friday morning grocery run after 7:30 AM coffee with the old guys from my wife's previous church.

I expected it would be like people were snowstorm prepping when they go nusto crazy.† Nope.† It was way, way worse.

Never seen anything like it.

I have enough food in the pantry and refrigerator to last a while.

Our issue with long-term quarrantine, if it comes to that, will be that I do a Carnation Breakfast Essentials shake most days for breakfast.† Nan does hot cocoa.† Need milk.  Have some powdered milk, since it is in the cornbread recipe I make.

Lunch just about every day is salad, yogurt, fruit, cheese.† Fresh food.


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