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Blood Donors Needed!

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Lee Bowen:
I rarely ask anyone for much of anything, but I implore anyone capable of doing so to visit their local Blood Bank or Blood Donation site and donate a pint. I dropped by Wal-Mart yesterday to pick up a few items, stopped by the Gulf Coast Regional Bloodmobile that was in the parking lot and donated a pint of 0-.  I left there with a brand new T-shirt and a warm feeling of "Mission Accomplished".
Again, please take a little time and help the medical community care for those who need it the worst.
I appreciate any feedback, pro or con, but I know that WAGS can make a difference.
Thank you WAGS, in advance,  Lee Bowen. [smiley=anyone.gif]

Scott Sanders:
Thanks or the Blood Donors Needed post.  It is a great idea for all that can give.  Very near and dear to myself and my wife, Lynne.  I tried yesterday, but got to the bloodmobile too late and could not get in.  There are other drives set up for our area in Temecula, CA, next week.  I will definitely be stopping by and donating.  Like my tag line says:

"Register as a Bone Marrow Donor and give Blood when you can...The life you save is someone's Loved One"

Thanks Again,

Lee Bowen:
We all have to do what we can in these trying times. 
My wife read on Facebook today that we have a confirmed case in Livingston. The lady is someone she knows, but with whom she has not had any contact.  This really hits close to home.
Again, please donate if at all possible. Thanks, Lee.

Duke Gilleland:
Have been a donor every 8 weeks since 2005. I try not to get 1 day behind. Many tee shirt ago [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

Lee Bowen:
Will do my best to donate as often as allowed, being a fairly new donor. 
It turns out that the case I was told was in Livingston is in Liberty County, about 20 miles +- away, according to which road  is taken.  Still too close for comfort.
Stay healthy and be really careful.  [smiley=crossfingers.gif] [smiley=sm_usflag.gif]


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