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Universal #4 Bread Maker


Spurgeon Hendrick:
Well, I stopped at one of my favorite stops, looking for a tin/enameled pot lid I could use to make a bird feeder. (Iím going to glue it to the bottom of a quarter Mason jar and use the handle to hang it from a tree). Didnít find one, but I couldnít resist this bread maker. Oops. Iíve seen these before, but never for $19. (It appears to have all of the parts, including the table clamp.)

Had to have it.

Iím hoping it is waterproof.

And Iím hoping evaporust and some gentle washing is all it needs.

Russell Ware:
Most of the ones I've seen are twice that price, they don't have the table clamp, and they are not as clean as that one. Post a pic once you clean it up, and it's ready to go.

Spurgeon Hendrick:
Will do! Thanks.

Do you reckon it would be a good idea to wipe it down with a thin layer of oil, maybe mineral oil, when I get the rust off?

Russell Ware:
Mineral oil would be a good idea. If you plan to use it at some time, the oil on the inside would need to be removed first.


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