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More unwanted visitors...Mudbugs

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Valerie Johnson:
We have ponds in our back yard which have lots of small fish, frogs, a few turtles and even giant water bugs but I did not know they had crayfish in them, Well evidently with all the rain we have had lately the resident crayfish(crawfish/mudbugs ) have decided that they like our inground pool as much as our ponds, While it is not uncommon to find frogs, toads and even an occasional turtle in our pool and we even had a pair of mallard ducks visit and a grey fox actually fell in once I just never figured crayfish would manage to make their way into the pool but in the last week I have fished out 2 different  crayfish. are some pics
Mother nature always amazes me

Lee Bowen:
Whee doggies! A couple more weeks and it's a crawfish boil.  Mm Mm good. ;D

Duke Gilleland:
Would like to have about 5 pounds of them suckers! [smiley=TFRFA1045.gif] [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

Valerie Johnson:
Now I am wondering how many are actually in my ponds...I may have to set a few burlap bags with kerosene soaked bricks out.
I have seen a few mud castles but originally thought they were I am wondering...yes I love steamed mudbug :D

Lee Bowen:
5 pounds is a good taste test. We generally start with at least 3 sacks (roughly 105 to 120 pounds) with the obligatory onions, potatoes, corn, sausage, mushrooms, jalapenos, etc, all washed down with the breakfast of champions.  Too bad the commercial crawfish season in Texas only runs from January  to June.  I managed to attend three boils this year, so my mudbug fix should last until season cranks back up. 8-)


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