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Not your average visitor but he was just passing thru Big Snapper

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Valerie Johnson:
Here are a few pics of a larger than average Snapping Turtle that was passing thru my front yard the other day, I think he came out of one of the ponds on the back side of our property and was heading towards a drainage ditch on the front that empties into a small creek that runs nearby.
His shell measured apx 24" long x 18" wide

Dwayne Henson:
Dang! That's a biggun!

Duke Gilleland:
Saw 2 ol boys just yesterday on youtube catching, cleaning and frying snappers that size. For all the work, they would HAVE TO BE tasty! Probably in the same vein as them Armadillos we bar b qued as kids! ;D

My Mamma's family would work big soft shell turtles over and fry up a batch when she was a kid down on the South Texas prairies.

Paul Okarma:

Haven't had one in the yard yet this year.  Had one nest just off the driveway in 2013.  Turtle babies a few months later!

Valerie Johnson:
I thought about making snapper soup but I just didn't have the heart to kill this old beast...He/She? has lived this long and I can always get snapper soup at one of my local places so he was allowed to go about his business.   Hopefully finding a mate to make more snappers


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