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McClary Blazer 10 Pot Belly Stove


Valerie Johnson:
Picked up this cute little and I mean little McClary MFG Co Blazer No.10 cast Iron Pot Belly Stove this weekend, When I first saw it I thought it was a novelty item or a base for a lamp but it is an actual working,functioning pot belly stove, It measures 20" tall and is 13" wide across the feet on the bottom which is the widest part of the stove.

Any ideas on how old the stove is?
Don't know what I am going to do with it but I just had to have it ::)

Valerie Johnson:
Not much info I could find on McClary stoves but I did find an online 1914 catalog that shows the Blazer line including the Blazer 10 stove.

It is on pages 87-88 of the 1914 catalog viewable at this link:

Also ...the stove is marked McClary and Not McClary's so does anyone know if this has any bearing on the ages of the stove, Was it made before they merged with GSW in 1927?

It is a coal stove for hard or soft coal

Weight is less than 30lbs...compared to a lodge 12 CO which weighs 20 lbs for comparison

It is a very small stove


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