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Our Car Museum is Closing

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Jerry Cermack:
Car enthusiast might find this article interesting.  We have a Car museum here in my town of Tupelo, MS.  The founder and owner, Frank Spain, died in 2006 and his wife has continued to run the Museum since then, but she has decided to sell the178 cars at auction and the money will go to charity.  Here is a link to the article in our newspaper. You might enjoy the pictures of the cars.

Paul Okarma:
Thanks for posting.  Sad to see it close, but understandable.

Sandy Glenn:
Glad you posted the article, Jerry, but I'm really sorry to see the museum close.  Wish I could visit it, or even better yet, buy one or two of those gorgeous cars.  That isn't likely to happen since I'm sure they will go for top dollar (as well they should).

My dad was a mechanic... like him, I think I have a little 10W30 running through my veins.  I love those old cars.

Jerry Cermack:
Sandy......It is an amazing private collection to see....178 cars under one roof. They announced a couple of days ago, that it will remain open until late March or early April.

You need to make plans for the Auction and get the famous 1948 Tucker.  One of only 51 made.... ;D

Farold Hoover:
Most of the tuckers known to exist was restored in Wellington Kansas by Stan Gilliland of auburn cord parts.  He was the tucker consultant for the movie


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