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brand new collector in family

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Marge Knowles:
a new collector in our family!   introducing my baby grandson Gavin, born last evening.  shown with his first piece of cast iron.   there will be many more pieces!   :)

Sandy Glenn:
Awwww, what a cutie he is!  Congratulations Marge.
You have to admit your new grandson has great taste in toys. ;)

Duke Gilleland:
Congratulations! A fine looking young man! [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

C. Perry Rapier:
Hello Marge. Boy he sure is a dandy. Its a good thing you ain't got a number 14 skillet on him.  ::) ;D

How much did he weigh and how long was he? He looks like a pretty good size baby. I'm saying 8 pounds and seven ounces.

C. Perry Rapier:
Marge can you tell the mother that I got a set of Griswold Oval Roasters, fully lettered, WITH ALL THE CORRECT TRIVETS, that I'd trade for that boy?

I used to work at a meat market and folks would bring their babys in and we would weigh them on our scales.


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