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Valerie Johnson:
A quick search showed lots of them on eBay, different types, diffusers and flame tamers, metal and wood handles, solid and perforated...oh well I am glad it was a freebie and it looks like something I can put to good use on my gas range

Mark Zizzi:
I have a solid cast iron one. Works great under my enameled DO when I'm making spaghetti sauce for instance.  You can simmer things for hours and no more burned sauce in the center if I didn't stir it often enough. Also good under larger skillets..evens out the heat instead of the center getting over heated. Don't know if you cook with gas, but I also think it helps prevent that "gas rash" pitting we see on so many older skillets.   ;)

Claudia Killebrew:
I have a couple of new ones. I got them at Amazon. The handles fold up for storage or come off to make more room while on the stove.

I love using it for simmering since my gas stove doesn't go low enough and the middle will boil like crazy while the edges don't get any real heat. Also invaluable when cooking a full pan of sausage in my 12" Lodge. The whole pan heats up evenly, so I don't have to play "musical sausages" trading the outside ones for the middle ones.

They also used to come in asbestos. This is loooong before people knew the hazards of asbestos. My mother and grandmother used to use them.


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