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Valerie Johnson:
I picked up a few pieces of iron over the Holidays and with one skillet I was given an odd object, I think it is a diffuser for the top of a skillet or saucepan to keep grease from splattering but figured I'd post some pics here so I can get a few other opinions, It is made of stamped steel with a wooden handle, The holes on either side do line up, Measures apx 8 1/4" wide

Tom Neitzel:
I'm pretty sure it is a diffuser, but it goes under the pan, between the burner and the pan.

C. B. Williams:
It is called a "flame tamer". It is put under the pot or pan to reduce heat, or to slow cook when the eye won't go as low as you want. Especially with gas and a small pot or pan. Sometimes the gas eye won't go low enough to simmer.

Valerie Johnson:
Tom,CB...thank you...I initially thought that because it was not all greasy and showed evidence of direct flame contact but then thought that maybe it was never used with grease, Any idea on how old it is, do they still make them...time for some research :D

C. B. Williams:
They are still made. This type with both wood and metal handles, and a solid cast iron type.
The solid cast iron ones usually come with a removable "lifter type" handle. I use one a lot because I cook with gas and a lot of small amounts.


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