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Cast iron in Business Week

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Greg Stahl:
Well this is not exactly how the interview went, but at least I got the FORUM and WAGS mentioned.  The reporter apologized for the fact that the editor cut his original dramatically.

Stuart Lowery:
I enjoyed the story... any chance the reporter would be willing to send us the uncut original and allow WAGS to keep it here? Maybe the magazine would be OK with it if it were kept on the members side?

C. Perry Rapier:
Hello Greg. I read it too. Its a good read. As you imply, I am sure we got the 'Readers Digest' version on the interview. I also think Stuart has a good idea about possibly getting the entire story as written by the reporter before it was sliced and diced by the editor.

Claudia Killebrew:
I'm with them. Good read, but would like to see the whole article.

Ken Davis:
Nice artile. However, I noticed one error in a picture caption:

Cast iron skillets exit the forging process and run along a conveyor belt as excess material is shaken loose

Since when is casting the same as forging?    :-?


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