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Ed Allspaugh:
The skillets aren't to hard to come by, but the cover is another story. $597 selling price blew my mind.I'll have to have some of that Will P. luck fall upon me to get a cover for mine. There was a chrome one that went for $360 few weeks ago.


That's really nice - the price is way up there too.  Wow!

C. Perry Rapier:
Wow, that is a steep price Ed. I don't think it would be cost effective to buy that to fry bacon in.  ;D

Oh, Ed, that Wills got the luck of the Irish ain't he? He could find a perfectly good pony in a pile of horse manure.

Harry Riva:
I think the $597 was a pretty good price. I've seen these sets in black iron bring $900.

Ed Allspaugh:
No Sheet Harry!!!  I can see it's gonna be costly & a looong time for me to complete my hammered set.


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