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It seams to me like this pan sold at a bargain price. From what I could tell they took poor pictures of it and it would clean up nice and be a nice Spider. I am curious if anybody bought it on here and if they did I am curious if it does clean up nicely.

Plus I would like to have a mini discusion on prices. I understand that prices are somewhat soft because of the economy. But I still expected what looked like a nice example of a rare to find piece to go for more.

I have seen less than perfect examples go probably to cheap on ebay lately. I can understand that more than what looks like a rare piece not selling for top dollar. Most of the examples out here of this pan have some type of issue. So when one comes along with little or no issues I would expect it to still comand a premium price.

C. Perry Rapier:
Well Greg, I have seen better spiders than that one. But that one brought a fair price I'd say, maybe a tad on the low side but not much. It ain't as good as they say it is, but it is good though. I never even seen that skillet on ebay, so they must have had it listed some way that, in my opinion, hurt the exposure that it would have otherwise gotten.

C. B. Williams:
Sorry, but I keep my price ideas on the "members only" side of this forum.

Blake Williams:
Let me give you my "price ideas" since this is the side of the forum you asked the question on.  This pan was cheap if it was as nice as it appeared to be.  I highly considered the pan myself as the spider logo was very well defined but the pictures of the inside didn't do the pan justice.  I feel like the pan's condition was fine but spending $1500 +  I didn't want to take that chance.  This pan with the right exposure and the right pics will bring 2 - 2500.  

Thank you for the replies. I have been following Spiders lately trying to gage the market. One was listed a few weeks back that was only a couple of miles from where I lived so I drove down to look at it. I had not sean one before. I bid what I thought was a bid to low to get it and got it. The gentleman that sold it to me told me he paid $ 6 for it at a local flea market. It does have a fair amount of pitting on it. If it where not a Spider and a more common pan I would guess no collector would want it. Even thought it is a Spider I would guess it would still be a little on the rough side for many collectors.

I have been trying to gauge prices as a friend of my fathers and my friend as well to a lessor extent passed away a few months ago. He had been collecting for about 30 years and has a pretty substantial collection. He likes Wagner more than Griswold, but he has a fair amount of both.

His widow has requested that I list all of his cast iron on ebay. I have told her that things supposedly sell for more in November and December. I have been trying to judge the market and see if she sould try selling this year or hold off until the economy gets better. It looks to me like things are not bringing what they should. I would like her to get top dollar. Probably the rarepieces will bring good money, but it looks like some of the more common pieces are having trouble selling.

Anyhow than you for the advice.



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