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Erie 10 deep skillet

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Will Person:
WOW [smiley=eek2.gif] [smiley=eek2.gif] [smiley=eek2.gif]

That is allot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I saw it when it went up and thought I offered more than it was worth at $300.  He didn't think it was worth that either but decided to let the auction run.   I managed to get a slightly later version of that for a lot less and am still looking for the 779 version with large block EPU mark (w/ button logo lid if possible).  I sent him a congratulations.  He said a veteran collector emailed him with a congratulations and said he wasn't sure one had ever been on ebay.  Anyone seen these up before?

C. Perry Rapier:
Yes Tommy, I have seen these up before, but let me qualify that, as I recall, the ones that I have seen were numbered, this is the first one that I recall not being numbered. I think thats what you mean, and hopefully you know what I mean, you know what I mean?  ;D

Oh yeah, and Tommy, I'd like to have one of these too. But, I'd like to have one like you got, the less expensive one. I am trying to get the deep "ERIE" in an 8, 9, and 10. I have the 8 and 9.

The one I did get was "ERIE" numbered 734 and 10a.  I still need the 779 one.  :)    Perry, we seem to have similar collecting interests, LOL>

Now, I'm leaning towards the non-numbered Erie's... ya'll just send em my way  ;)


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