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Wagner / Griswold Chef Skillet

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Wesley Schultz:
Why did this one go so cheap? Was there something wrong with it?Is this one a fake or repro? I was out of town and didn't get back in time to bid on it. I figured that it was in such nice shape that it would probably be bid up too high anyway. I was really suprised to see how cheap it went.


--- Quote ---Why did this one go so cheap?
--- End quote ---
Too new to be of much interest to many collectors?


Maybe for collectors, but I'd have bought it at that price for a user.  I bid on one a year ago, and it went for over $30.  This was a good deal.  Wish I would have seen it!

Wesley Schultz:
Marty, I have been trying to get one of these for a long time but everytime I bid on one the bidding goes sky high. When I forget or just can't be around to bid they go for cheap. Yes this one was in great shape. That's why I thought maybe it was a fake or something because it went so cheap.

Tom Neitzel:
I could be that this time of year is just bad for selling on eBay.  I just picked up a John Wright Lion and Lamb popover pan that I really like.  They rarely sell for less than $40.  It was $6.99, no competition.  I needed it like a hole in the head, but couldn't pass it by.



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