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Roger Barfield:

Haven't seen one of these before and can't say I've seen that color either.  

I saw that went this morning. Brought a good shiney nickle too.

Jenny Schwartz:
Maybe it's a french bowl?  I thought Favorite did have porcelianized toys too but I think that kettle is a little big for a toy

Harry Riva:
It's a toy or child's piece, I think the seller just got the dimensions a little off.  French bowl would be bigger and have a fairly drastic slope to the sides. I had been meaning to post the pics of my toy for eye candy, so if you see these Charles C. you can pick them up. Thanks.

Mine measures a tad over 5 1/4" outside handle to outside handle and a little over 1 3/4" deep without the cover.


Harry Riva:
Color is a little darker than it actually is but a flash REALLY lightens it up.


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