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3 leg #7 pot, Erie PAT MAR 10, 91


Aaron Parker:
I have always been a cast iron lover and have 10 or 11 individual items that I have purchased, inherited or been given over time. A friend recently gave me a #7 3 leg pot with a lid that got me fired up again to check out what I had. This 3 leg pot has ERIE on the bottom, and PAT MAR 10, 91 and the number 7. The lid seams to have been plated with chrome or nickel. Not sure it originally went with this pot, but it does fit well. I will attach pics of this one.  I am just looking for any information this pot and value if possible. I want to cook up a pot of beans or stew and want to know if anyone else uses these old bean pots in the kitchen or just collect them. Thanks ahead   

Greg Stahl:
Lid and also the handle is a marriage to go pot. Not sure what these pots are called as Im in Fiji and my books are there and I never collected the pots (too difficult to store; take up too much space).   As for value Id suggest eBay to get current values but a #6 or #7 is usually bought up by American Indians to make ceremonial water drums.

Scott Sanders:
Very nice looking #7 3 legged pot.  It would be a shame to see a nice  piece of history like this to be ruined and turned into a ceremonial water drum.  Much better with baked beans in it.  If you look in our cooking section cookbook, you will find a great recipe for baked beans.  I have made it several times and they are delicious.



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