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Misspelled “Girswold” DO


Mike Waldman:
I purchased this Griswold #9 slant DO in March from my local flea market. I didnt notice until I got home that the name was spelled wrong on the lid.  At first I thought I purchased a fake, but further research indicates it’s an authentic Griswold but a few were cast with the name spelled “Girswold”. How rare are they and what is the approximate value with this misspelling?  Thanks

Valerie Johnson:
Appears to be cast with the whole mark raised as opposed to recessed

Cheryl Watson:
Hello, Mike!

I have the same set, which was also one of my early finds!

The Slant Erie era appears to have been a transition time period where I've seen a number of 'different' things, including differences in casting quality etc.

Since finding mine, I have seen others.  I don't think the misspelling adds much, as far a valuation, unless for a person like me, that has decided that they like the odd ducks! 


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