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Griswold Bolo oven


I am looking for the value of a piece I recently found.  It is a Big oven or a little oven depending on how you position the flu.  It is called therefore the Bolo oven and is made of sheet metal with chrome fasteners and glass inserts for viewing.  The stamping on the top lists patent dates of 1915, 1916, 1919 and 1920.  The piece is covered in surface rust, but I could detect no areas that were rusted through and the glass is still intact (no cracks or fish eyes.) Some of the original paint remains and is stove black. There is no fuel or heat source with the oven so I am not sure it is all there.  There is a large opening at the bottom and the gentleman that sold it to me thought it was made to sit on a standard stove or burner.  I would appreciate any information you might have on this unique piece.  Thank you.  And thanks for the neat forum!

I'm no expert on Bolo ovens, but they are placed OVER a heat source.  Think old wood stove.  I know some folks have used them over gas burners.

Value?  I've seen them sell on ebay for $45-75.  If you look under camp oven on Ebay, you can find them periodically.    Here is an advertisement for Bolo ovens.

Griswold 1930 catalog shows the Bolo ovens and says "For Oil, Gas, Gasoline, and Alcohol Stoves".
The oven would be placed over a burner.


The ad I posted said the same thing, Steve.  ;D  ;)  Don't know if I'd want to bake a turkey in one of those things.....I think it would be a week long project.  

Thanks a lot for the information.   :)


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