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Griswold coffee mill handle-impossible?


Brian Kasper:
Is it an impossible hope? I have a wall mounted Griswold coffee mill and itís missing the handle.
Anyone have a feenlaying around? :smiley:

Duke Gilleland:

Took me a while BUT...I found parts on Ebay to put an OLD grinder back into great shape. It was missing a handle and some other parts. It had belonged to GR Grandparents and been long disgarded. Back in working order and I would not take for it! :thumbsup:

Will Person:
No.....but I have a whole grinder I would sell.

Duke Gilleland:
There you go Brian! Sometimes you have to take "any port in a storm"! :undecided:

Blake Williams:

--- Quote from: Will Person on August 21, 2021, 11:24:38 AM ---No.....but I have a whole grinder I would sell.

--- End quote ---



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