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2 Skillets


Chris Beard:
Hello all,

My Grandmother (88 and with no online skills) read somewhere that her Wagner and Griswold pans may be worth more than a common iron skillet. The local antique person has suggested I look on here. Both are in a used condition, no cracks or defects that would affect cooking. The question I am asking for her is essentially are they more than a yard sale price?

There is a 6" Wagner
On the back is the size, made in usa and a "Z"

There is a 8" Griswold
On the back has the cross logo, Erie PA and "704"

Hope the images help!


Will Person:
Welcome. Your two skillets are actually pretty common. The Wagner is 1960's 70's made iron. And the Griswold was made in the last years of Griswold. 1950's They are yard sale price skillets. Why not keep them and use them? Great iron to pass down.

Duke Gilleland:
 :scratchchin: I have to say Will "Hit the nail on the head". :thumbsup:

Chris Beard:
Thank you Will!


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