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We're here. Where are you? 2017

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--- Quote ---And also on another note Farold Hoover, its time to quit waffeling about your time. We each have 365 days in a year. So lets get a convention date set as early as possible so Farold can mark the calendar now. I know he is busy with his Shrine schedule so we need to give him plenty of time and I want to see him there. So what do you think Farold? :)
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Already planning on going.  Wife an I are going on the Midian shrines potentates cruise up through Alaska in Sept of next year.  Going to be a busy year

Chuck Rogers:
Looking forward to seeing you there Farold

C. Perry Rapier:
Hello Brother Farold. Are you saying the month of September for 2018 is a no go since you say you and your wife will be going on the Alaskan Cruise in September of 2018? I know that cruises like that are booked years in advance. Just curious.  :-/

Dwayne Henson:
Yes, Perry that's me. I was a hoping to see you!

Jim Fuchs:
Got to love that lid in reply #5....a Crescent Fdy., St. Louis piece (Ozark Line). Some great looking pieces there.  Thought that Eclipse (St.Louis made a similar design)...but the design was slightly different and had no "arrows" at the end(s).


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