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WaGS 2021 Convention Recap


Dwayne Henson:
WaGs 2021Convention is now in the books. What did you miss? In a nutshell; a fun time, good food, great people.

It always starts the night before with the Camp Oven Cookout. A meet and greet, a time to catch up with old friends, while the cooks prepare a meal in camp ovens. A great way to  start and set the tone for the convention.

Then the next day the convention itself.
This year's presentations included:
Fales & Thayer's Patents
Sportsman Grills and their Changes
D.R. Sperry
Navigating the Forum
Use of a Wood Burning Stove
Show and Tell
Stump the Experts
Followed by a Dinner Buffet

Then the next day:
Favorites and Swap Meet.
Amazing iron to see, touch and discuss
Followed by an Awards Dinner.

A great time with old and new made friends.

Next one is in Dayton, OH
Oct. 6,7,8 2022
See you there.

Dwayne Henson:
Some random pictures from the 2021 Convention


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