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2021 WAGS Convention Hot Springs AR


Randy Eckstein:
The 2021 Convention kicks off this Thursday with our camp oven cookout for the attendees.  Friday will have presentations and demonstrations followed by dinner and our business meeting.  Saturday will be our Favorites displays and the Swap Meet followed by dinner and the Awards Banquet.  Keep an eye out for pictures and make plans to join us next October in Dayton, OH for the 2022 WAGS Convention.

Will Person:
I remember the conventions. They were great. If anyone would want to go to a great convention....this is it. Just join a great club. Don't know If I would ever rejoin, or be welcomed back. But that is life. And I don't collect anymore. Have a great time guys. Will be watching for what ever photos are posted.

Randy Eckstein:
Will, I remember being almost blinded by your aluminum display probably back in Erie 2013 or so.

Will Person:
Thanks Randy. That for me was a world ago. Life has taken a massive turn and not for the better. But for mental  health I am in a better place. Just now the world looks more down on me and some accept, some don't. But tomorrow will be a better day. Enjoy the convention and post what you can on the public side. Still love all the history of iron.


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