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20" Griswold skillet

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Larry Pesek:
Granted, it's in great shape, but... :o

Also another one with 2 bids @ $800 currently...

Stuart Lowery:
I bet you're glad that you got it's "cousin" ;) from me at the convention

Larry Pesek:

--- Quote ---I bet you're glad that you got it's "cousin" ;) from me at the convention
--- End quote ---

You Betcha!  ;)  Thanks again for the fair deal!  [smiley=dankk2.gif]  Only problem now is I am looking into assembling a 'set' of "cousins" as the CDO I had at the convention is from the same time period of unmarked GRISWOLD patterns used by General housewares...

Hmmm...  Is "cousins" the official label we can refer to this 'series' as?  :-?  It has a nice ring to it...   :)

Stuart Lowery:
  I know that when I picked that 20" skillet up I asked for information here to figure out if was a Griswold... I seem to recall that there was a marked Griswold, a unmarked Griswold, a Wagner made with the Gris pattern (almost the same), and I likely missed something...
  I'm speaking only of the Griswold/Wagner 20 inch "family" here, then there's Lodge and BSR...
  Glad I got it to a good home, my limit these days is a #14 ;)

Tom Penkava:
I know what you mean by "limits" Stuart, I haven't cooked up any hash browns in my BSR trail boss in over 20 years and from experience I know it used to do 20 lbs at a time, the Lodge and BSR hotels just hang around while we do our serious cooking in the 14s, like last nights nachos.


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