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small bread pan


Jack Hamner:
Does anyone know the value of my small "no name" six compartment pan?  It measures 8 inches, tabs included, by seven and an eighth inches.  Despite a thorough search, I could find no name, numbers, letters, or anything else on it.  Your help appreciated!

Russell Ware:
A pan like this one is listed in many of Lodge's catalogs over the years. They called it a number 23 bread stick pan. I have several of these pans with raised molder marks on them. While yours could very well have been made by Lodge in later years, other foundries more than likely made them too, so identifying the maker of your pan is not exact.
Cornstick/breadstick-style pans in general aren't big sellers. If you check ebay completed auctions, you can see these bring $6 to $15 plus shipping which, of course varies widely.
I actually prefer to use 2 of these pans over using the #22 11-stick pan. There's just something more even about an even number of breadsticks. Who wants to be the odd man out any way?
And yes, you can also find other versions of this style pan. Griswold's has 7 sticks, later Wagner pans have 8, and there are some with only 5. I guess those 5 stick pans are for the people who don't have a #22 pan, so they can pair with a 6 stick pan and still come up with that odd number of 11 sticks.

Jack Hamner:
As usual, you have come up with everything I needed to know about my pan!  You don't know how much I appreciate you taking the time to help out a complete stranger who doesn't know much (yet) about cast iron items-but thanks to you and others, I'm slowly learning-THANKS AGAIN!  Jack.


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