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Griswold 5 qt dutch oven new

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Carol Simkins:
Long story short, a neighboorhood hardware store is closing and we found this baby unopene on the shelves.  Does it have any value?  We were going to use it but I feel like since it is in brand new condition it deserves to go to a collector, someone who will value it.  It was unopened and the store owner opened it just to varify that nothing was broken.

Carol Simkins:
Here are more pictures.

Russell Ware:
Most collectors will tell you that this DO is not a true Griswold piece; since, it was manufactured in Sidney, Ohio, not Erie, PA. GHC doubled branded items like this in the early 1970's as they phased out the Griswold name in favor of the Wagner brand. It is amazing to see an item like this was still on the shelf. There might be a collector out there who would buy it; since, it is NIB and even ground on the cooking surface, but I donít see it garnering a three-digit price tag.
Did a lid come with it?

Carol Simkins:
Yes here is the lid photo.

Tom Reisdorf:
I would like to see full pictures of the label.


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