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16" gate marked spider skillet

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Deb Bella:
 Hi Everyone,

I am brand new here and appreciate the opportunity to view and post information !   I have this 16" gate marked spider skillet and I love it for what it is,  but I must admit....I am so very curious about it.  I've asked around but no one I've talked to has ever seen one of these.  I would be grateful for any information including  any idea of value.   

Thanks very much !

Deb Bella:
better photo

Roger Barfield:
That is a Martin Stove and Range piece.  Do you have a lid for it?

Deb Bella:
Thank you so much.  No, sadly I do not have the lid.

Deb Bella:
Does anyone have any idea of what the value of this skillet is without a lid.


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