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Wagner Square Waffle Irons Value


Darren Pedersen:
I'm moving and when I was cleaning up I came across this Wagner waffle iron that I forgot I had.  I was thinking about selling it but am unsure of the value and what to ask for it.  Can the WAGS experts weigh in and let me know what it's worth?  I know it needs to be cleaned up. Thanks.

Russell Ware:
The posted images do not look compatible with the forum, so I can't see them. But honestly, the best estimate you can get is to search completed auctions on ebay. The values are currently under $200. Condition matters as well as having an undamaged base.

Russell Ware:
While a square is a rectangle, rectangular paddles are not square.
You donít see this waffle iron too frequently, but yours does need some TLC to say the least. If you want to see what people are willing to pay, you could put a reserve auction up on ebay. That is probably where you would get the best price estimate. If you have a copy of the Red Book, take a look at page 74. I believe there is a photo of one like yours there. Restored, it still may bring the estimate listed, which is slightly higher than the $200 limit mentioned earlier.
This one would be a real project to restore.

Will Person:
Hey i have the same set to restore. Another project to get done!


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