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Buster Brown Waffle Iron, one of the variations

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Tom Neitzel:
Sold for a lot more that I would have imagined.  Very nice iron, but I don't think that rare.  As far as I could tell, buyer is not a cast iron collector, but is into collectables.  Maybe I need to revise my thinking on my collection.


Duke Gilleland:
At 54 bids, someone got excited about it :shocked: :cheesy:  Not familiar with the price market on them but that is a great price for any waffle iron JMO :thumbsup:

Will Person:
Wow. That is very pricey. Wish I had one to sell for that price. But watch....the next one will sell for half that price.

Duke Gilleland:
So right you are Will! Moods on cast iron prices are like Texas weather. Give it a FEW hours and it will change drastically!  :yikes: That's part of what keeps it interesting.

Cheryl Watson:
I watched it...

Redunkulousness!   :crazy: :crazy:

Social Media Hype is outta control!   :grin: :grin:


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