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Waffle Irons


Philip Loehlein:
Need help on valuing these two waffle irons

One says Foxell and Jones, Troy NY

One says J. Savery's and Son (which appears to be a Philadelphia based foundry, known as Savery & Co.)

Jim Fuchs:
The John Savery's Sons w.i. is not from the Savery & Co. (Peleg Barrows Savery, John Savery's Brother) of Philadelphia, but made by John Savery/Phoenix Works foundry. located in Jersey City, New Jersey. The New York marking is referring to their Office and Warehouse location. The marking as shown was used from 1853 up to 1888. The # 4 (6-7) is the hardest one of the four made to find. (they were made in # 1,2,3,&4). There were two variations of those that I'm aware of, and the one shown would be the latter variation, so likely 1860-1888. The earlier #4 variation was of a different font, etc.(and the support frame was different as well). Savery & Co., Philadelphia was an entirely different foundry, owned by John's Brother, Peleg. We have their timeline in our PDF files. My interest in value is more from a Historical aspect, but if in good condition/no issues, the # 4 w.i. could be in the $ 400-450 range (especially where the prices have been as of late). Seems I have seen those sell from a low of about $ 275, up to $ 400 +. The Foxell & Jones, not much value unless complete with the support frame in my mind.

Michael Corso:
My family is from Jersey City so I have a great affinity for the 4 you have. I am trying to put together the set and have only this 2, so far.

Greg Stahl:
there are at least three variations of the John Savery w/i is size 3.  As Jim states, the #4 is the most difficult to find. I used to have all of them, but a fellow WAGS member now has my Savery items.


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