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Access to WAGS members' side of the FORUM (Read 3387 times)
Greg Stahl
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Access to WAGS members' side of the FORUM
Mar 14th, 2010 at 5:17pm
Registration for this side of the FORUM is FREE and WAGS pays for the entire FORUM.

All of the work done on the forum, deleting of posts, monitoring of content, changing of PROFILES, etc. is done by board moderators, global moderators and administrators.

If you become a dues paying members of the non-profit organization WAGS, you have access to the members' side of the forum which contains more than five-fold the content that is available for free on this side of the FORUM.  However in order to access that part of the FORUM, your profile must be changed by one of the Administrators, it is not an automatic thing and must be done by hand.

With so many visitors on this FORUM, people paying for dues and then not renewing dues in time (then renewing later), it becomes a real 'chore' to keep the records straight.  In order to help us, YOU MUST contact one of the ADMINISTRATORS in order to have your PROFILE changed to access the WAGS side of the FORUM.  It is YOUR responsibility to contact us, as we have no idea who has paid or not paid and we can't check 1000+ names on this forum against the 400+ names on the official WAGS membership database.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

EDIT: September 23, 2016
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