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Book of Griswold and Wagner - 5th
The BIBLE (aka, the BLUE book) of cast iron collectors is back in the 5th edition. Authors: David Smith and Chuck Wafford. The Book of Griswold & Wagner, referred to as the "blue book" by collectors, is the most complete, accurate, and widely used reference guide and is coveted by collectors. This revised 5th edition features more pictures, updated values for cast iron cookware and kitchen collecting enthusiasts, and expanded charts. This definitive, encyclopedic guide details durable cast-iron antiques, including cornstick pans, griddles, Dutch ovens, gem pans, coffee grinders and roasters, trivets, molds, broilers, teapots, and much more. Over 1,000 photographs document variations of shape, size, dates, moldings, finishes, hardware types, catalog numbers, and markings. There are comprehensive histories of the manufacturers Griswold, Wagner, Sidney Hollow Ware, Favorite, and Wapak, as well as patent lists for meticulous researchers. This is an essential reference for anyone wishing to invest in these timeless treasures.

$ 29.95

Griswold Muffin Pans
An absolute must have book for the identification of Griswold muffin/gem pans. This book will help you find those pans that are not marked with a TM or Griswold and be the envy of all other Griswold collectors. This book has helped me find some unmarked Griswold pans that I would have otherwise passed on at flea markets and the like. Full of illustrations, pictures and many different variations of the Griswold muffin pan lines.148 pages. List price is $29.95.

$ 24.95

1915 Wagner Ware Catalogue #20
This is a reprint of the 1915 Wagner Ware #20 catalogue. There are 112 pages of cast aluminum and iron items in this catalogue. Supply on this one is very low, so order quickly.

$ 25.00

1924 Wagner Ware Catalogue #30
A reprint of the 1924 Wagner Ware Catalogue #30 catalogue. There are 90 pages of Cast aluminum, polished iron and nickel plated items. Very limited supply of these catalogues, so order quickly, as when these are gone, there are no more.

$ 25.00

Wagner Ware Hotel Catalogue
This is a reprint of an undated Wagner Ware Hotel Ware catalogue. There are 17 pages of cast aluminum hotel products (stock pots, deep sauce pans,braziers, cereal cookers, coffee makers,lipped kettles, baking pans, dadles,etc.) and 4 pages of cast iron items for a total of 21 pages of information.

$ 15.00

Griswold Cast Iron Vol. #2
Hundreds of items cast from the Griswold Manufacturing Company provide another good look into the cast metal cookware produced in Erie, Pennsylvania. None of the items in the first volume have been included in this volume, offering a completely different glimpse at Griswold collectibles. All items have listed pattern numbers and up-to-date values. Griswold Cast Iron, Vol. #2, 2004 PG, No Duplicates of Vol. #1, Cast iron, porcelain, Aluminum, PB-136 Pgs., Listings On Pattern #s, Bowls, Pans, Skillets, Toys, Stoves, Etc., 32 Pages in Color, 8x11

$ 18.95

Catalogue - S
This is a high quality reprint of the Catalogue - S by Griswold from 1895

$ 11.50

Wagner Ware Catalog 55
This is a reprint of the 1936 Wagner Ware Bulletin A-1 (Aluminum and Magnalite Section of Catalog 55, October 1936). It contains 32 pages of information from Magnalite items to tea kettles, roasters, skillets, griddles, waffle irons, spoons, ladles, cheese slicer, etc. This is a new reprint as of January 2009 done by John Wright.

$ 15.00

Hotel and Restaurant Equipment
Griswold Hotel and Restaurant Equipment Catalogue E-39. Reprinted by Richard Miller. This is a 79 page catalog of hotel and restaurant equipment. This reprint is in VERY short supply and when these are gone, they are gone, likely forever.

$ 20.00

Cast Iron Cuisine
Cast Iron Cuisine. From Breakfast to Dessert Grandma's Skillet Reborn. A new cookbook by Matt and Linda Morehouse. At 160 pages this cookbook covers several different recipes to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts in cast iron cookware. I will ship this via media mail and on May 2009 the rate was $2.40, so if you check out and the price is higher, remember that I only charge actual shipping costs and refund any overage in shipping charges. If you need this quickly, flat rate Priority Mail will be the fastest/cheapest rate.

$ 10.00

Found 16 items, showing 1 to 10.    Last 6 Matches  
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