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Wagner Sandwich toaster
Wagner Ware square sandwich toaster. c/n 1455 on original low bailed base, fully marked.

$ 295.00

Wagner twin waffle iron
Wagner twin waffle iron dated 1910. Marked THE WAGNER MFG CO, SIDNEY O., TWIN WAFFLE IRON PAT'D FEB 22, 1910. Book value is 350-400. Needs some cleaning, but there is no damage of any kind. Nice piece. Pictured on page 74 (right side in box)of the new RED book by Smith and Wafford. Wood handles original and beautiful shape.

$ 300.00

Wagner Ware #2 skillet
Wagner Ware #2 skillet. Markings are Wagner Ware Sidney -O- 2A The lettering is the script style. Needs a little more cleaning, but in EXCELLENT shape.

$ 100.00

Wagner Ware R Gem Pan
Black Cast Iron Wagner Ware R Gem Pan. Really nice,needs a light cleaning. Circa 1915-1948. Markings: WANGERN WARE R c/n 1336

$ 50.00

Wagner Ware F Gem Pan
Wagner Ware F Gem Pan, circa 1920. This is an F pan with the solid frame, which is more difficult to find than the open frame model. All the pictures of this pan that I've seen, don't show a hang hole. This one has a hang hole, whether it is orginal or not, I don't know, as it looks like it belings there to me. Price is set low, since it may not be original, I just don't know for sure. If it was put in by someone, it was expertly done. Markings: WAGNER WARE F c/n 1328

$ 75.00
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